The abstract world of reflections

Abstract photograph of reflections, red white and blue from a boat
Colourful red, white & blue reflections from a boat in the canals in Amsterdam, Holland
Colour photograph of rippling abstract pattern water reflection coming from Sydney Harbour ferries, Circular Quay, Australia
Rippling water reflection created by Sydney Harbour ferry pulling in to Circular Quay, Sydney Australia
Colour Photograph of rippling circles of reflection
Rippling circular patterns of water reflection

Series of photographs taken on the Sapphire Coast, translucent view of the turbulent water swirling around deep red rocks creating beautiful rich abstract patterns.

Golden light reflecting from the soft lapping waves across sand, at the Mouth of Pambula River just before sunset.

Rippling reflection of a Eucalyptus tree, on the banks of Pambula River, Australia

Rippling reflection of a gumtree in Pambula River, New South Wales, Australia
Rippling pattern of water, on Pambula River, New South Wales, Australia